Photos of 2002 Bicycle Tour in Sweden and Norway

Gausta from bottom Midsummer in Sweden

These are photos from my bicycle tour in Norden, June - July 2002.
They are scanned from 35mm slides.

Climbing Gausta, Telemark, Norway, July 7 2002

The day started near Lake Tinn at about 200 m osl, where Gausta could be seen towering 1700 m above the dale. First there is a climb on bicycle up several hairpinn turns to the plateau where the hike starts.

Telemark Canal, Norway, July 8-9 2002

It was raining and foggy most of the way along the Telemark Canal system, which is marked as National Cycle Route #2. From what I could see, it was a very pretty inland fjord. I passed the canal boat "Henrik Ibsen" several times on the way to Lunde.

Norway June-July 2002

Sweden June-July 2002

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