excerpts from the SKATING section of SPIRIT OF THE TIMES Jan 31 1885, page 5


(by correspondent F.H.R.)

ST. JOHN N. B. Jan. 26 Some interesting skating contests have occurred in this vicinity of late.

The St. John River and lakes adjoining were in prime condition for skating until recently. Lieutenant-Colonel Mannsell, D.A.G., on the 10th inst., skated from St. John to Fredericton, 84 miles, in 7h. 10m. The colonel states that he skated five miles out of his way by losing his bearings at the mouth of Jemseg.


"F. H. R.", our attentive correspondent at St. John. N. B., sent this week drawings and full description of the famous Long Reach skates, used by all the speed skaters of the Maritime Provinces. By a curious coincidence, when this letter was opened, Mr. J. A. Whelpley, of Greenwich. N. B., the inventor and manufacturer of these skates, was sitting in our office, and our desk was littered with specimens of the various styles and sizes of Long Reach skates. Mr. Whelpley is of a skating family, each of the four brothers having won many races. He has made skates for twenty years, and bringing to their manufacture mechanical skill, inventive ability, and long experience as an expert skater, he has added improvement after improvement until the present Long Reach skate stands at the head of all speed skates.