Alberta Ice on kicksled (spark) and touring skates

skating kicksledding

While visiting my sister and mother in Alberta Dec 21, 2005 - Jan 6, 2006, I had some great skating and spark tours on beautiful ice on several lakes in the area. It was the best skating ice in 10 years, almost unlimited skating on all lakes in the area! Ice was mostly transparent, over 30 cm (!!) thick, smooth and clear, with only a few patches of old snow and sometimes beautiful patterns of rime frost.

Since my sister has 2 kicksleds, sometimes my twin nieces, sister, brother or mother were able to come out on the ice on the sleds while I skated.

My longest tour was 45 km (35 on spark, 10 on skates) on Pigeon Lake. So there are other winter outdoor adventures to experience in central Alberta, even when there is no snow!



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Wolfville Ridge , Nova Scotia, Canada