These roads allow touring cyclists to make a loop around the South Shore and Valley. All of these climb the South Mountain which isn't as steep as the North Mtn. but there are some long climbs. The interior of the province is mostly woods but there are many nice lakes. In Lunenburg County there are more farm lands
  1. Rt 8 Annapolis Royal- Liverpool

    This is a fairly non-descript road through woods. A few places it passes lakes. The chief highlight is Kejimkujik National Park. At the south end there is a more scenic option along the Medway River.

    It starts out with a big climb, then a few rolling hills to Milford.For this section there is an alternate route via Princedale, where the Clementsvale - Bear River road joins, and Sandy Bottom Lake where there is a youth hostel at Raven Haven Campground.

    Then there is not much until Maitland Bridge and the turnoff to Kejimkujik National Park which is the major highlight of this route

    41 km: Keji Park It's about 2 km to the visitor information center. There is a nice picnic area behind it by a waterfall. There are several beaches on the main lake about 10 km down the road. The best way to see the park in the summer is by canoe. There is a canoe rental at Jakes Landing. The main campground is almost always full on summer weekends. Even the backcountry campsites are often taken.

    The next 20 km is slightly more interesting. At Caledonia the Hibernia Road is a nice option, there is a campground on it. In the town of Caledonia, there are a big grocery store, a hardware store with camping supplies and a drug store. New in 2008 is the Caledonia Country Hostel.

    64 km: At South Brookfield Rt 208 leads to New Germany ( 36 km) About 2 km down this road is the Molega- Labelle Rd which is a more interesting alternate.

    Rt 8 becomes very non-descript for the next 45 km to Liverpool . At Pleasantfield and Middlefield you can turn off to Greenfield and join the more interesting route.

    About 2 km from S Brookfield turn right on Molega-Labelle Rd. Most of this 20 km stretch is unpaved but usually smooth. It passes between Ponhook and Molega Lakes, which are 2 of the nicest lakes in the province. It's also one of the biggest cottage developments. There are a few places with public access to the lakes.

    At Rt 210 turn right , then it's 3 km to Greenfield where there is a big general store. There are several falls on the Medway River here but there is also a calm section suitable for a swim stop. Turn left before the bridge , then it's about 3 km to Bangs Falls.

    The pavement ends a few km after Bangs Falls but the 10 km section is usually smooth. There is a spring water pipe here. It is very flat and scenic, going right along the river, with many rapids and small falls. There aren't many good swimming holes. However it is very good fly fishing. It is also a very bad black-fly area in early June!

    The pavement resumes near Charleston , then it's about 5 km to Mill Village where there is a good general store right on the River.

  2. Route 10 Middleton to Bridgewater

    This is more scenic than Rt 8 . The southern half follows the Lahave River.

    About 5 km from Middleton at Nictaux Falls we start climbing a big hill (220 m) . At the top of the first and steepest section the road crosses a canal where one can have a nice swim.

    Then it's a few rolling hills to Albany Cross. Just before this there is a small store at Zwicker Lake where there is a small beach. There sometimes is a campground here too.

    *************** *** JULY 2001*** Campground, store and access to beach are completely closed!!

    From Albany Cross the West Dalhousie Road goes to Annapolis Royal. The first 10 km is unpaved but usually good condition. Then there is a 8 km paved section through settled farmland wherea paved road goes north to Bridgetown. The next 10 km is narrow and rough in places. There is a unmarked campground at Gibsons Lake. The last 10 kn towards Lequille and Annapolis Royal is paved.

    South on Rt 10 near Springfield we come to the LaHave River which we follow to the sea. There is a long downhill to near New Germany. The rest of the route is fairly flat. There are several lakes on the river with swimming possibilities.

    64 km: New Germany has several stores. The road to Barss Corner and Parkdale is very hilly but pretty. The hills are drumlins, lumps left by the ice age. There is a big grocery store between Barss Corner and Lake William. at the corner to Farmington.

    At Cooksville , about 4 km upstream from Bridgewater one can cross over to the west side of the river which is more scenic as we approach the town. There is also a new bicycle path following an old railroad on east bank into downtown Bridgewater. The Cooksville end wasn't finished in Aug 2000 and is rough for the first 0.5 km

    88 km: Bridgewater is the major town on the South Shore. Here one can follow the west or east side of the river which is now navigatable by ocean ships.

    103 km: At the River mouth there is a ferry across. On the west side you can pig out at the Lahave Bakery while waiting for the boat! Above the bakery is a Youth Hostel. Sleeping here you will smell bread being baked early in the morning.

  3. Aylesford-Berwick to Mahone Bay ( unnumbered- maybe Rt 324)

    This is very pretty but very hilly. In addition to climbing one of the highest hills in Nova Scotia it goes into the heart of drumlin country. There are no stores on the road. There is a general store near Barss Corner/Lake William, about 5 km off this road towards New Germany.

    The route starts in either Berwick or Aylesford, the roads join at Morristown which is about halfway up the big climb.

    7 km: The hill isn't extremely steep but long . It peaks around 270 m near Lake George.

    17 km: Left down to Lake George Beach. It is gravel (usually fairly smooth) for about 4 km then about 15 km of paved road to Caseys Corner on Rt 12.

    The next 20 km is gently rolling, through woods with a few scattered farms.

    40 km: Left at Dalhousie Rd . This road continues to New Ross on Rt 12 over some steep drumlins. You can make a hilly loop back to Kentville or Windsor via this road.

    42 km: Right at Franey Corner. About 2 km south Franey Lake is off to the left . There are some larger lakes( Sherbrook and Butler) just out of view from this road. There seems to a lot of cottage developments in the area.

    50 km: Parkdale. To the right is the first paved road leading to New Germany. There a lot of scenic paved and good unpaved roads in this area but it is very hilly. Farms are on the tops of the drumlins and the roads connect the farms. There is a very pretty unpaved road along the west side of Lake William with a very steep but short hill. The pastoral scene reminds one of pictures from old Currier and Ives calendars.

    On the main road at Maplewood there is a small pioneer museum, fairgrounds and picnic area.

    54 km: Maplewood. The second paved road to New Germany. The drumlins continue. Typically they climb 50 m in 500m , then descend and the next one starts. We cross the north branch of Lahave River at Newburne where there is a campground . Just a little further a lane leads down to a spectacular falls on the river. From the tops of the hills we get views of the many lakes in the area.

    84 km: Junction with Rt 3 at Blockhouse where there is small store. Rt 324 continues straight to Lunenburg, Rt 3 right goes to Bridgewater. Rt 3 left goes to Mahone Bay. There is quite a steep downhill leading into town.

    87 km: At the main corner in Mahone Bay there is a very nice produce store that sells all sorts of local and exotic food.

  4. Rt 12 Kentville to Chester Basin

    This route has the heaviest traffic but passes by some nice lakes and the interesting farm museum at New Ross.

    It starts out with a steep climb to South Alton from Kentville. From Wolfville the best route is via Gaspereau Valley and Canaan to Caseys Corner

    8 km: Caseys Corner (S Alton) The English Mtn. Rd leads east to Gaspereau Valley or west to the Prospect-Harmony Road. There is a general store at the corner.

    The road passes Gaspereau Lake. There is a picnic area by the dam at the south end. The rest of the way to New Ross is rolling through woods.

    43 km: New Ross . Right to Dalhousie Rd , left to Windsor via Vaughn. There are a few stores in the village.

    About 1 km past the corner is New Ross Farm. It is museum and working 1800 era farm. It's well worth a visit. There is a picnic area and a restaurant nearby.

    There is a small beach at Darling Lake. The rest of the route is mostly woods with a few scattered farms.

    68 km: Junction of Rt 3 at Chester Basin.

  5. Rt 14 Windsor to Chester 55 km, total climb 528 m

    Cyclists from Halifax sometimes ride this a part of a hilly 200 Km loop. The main features are the two picnic parks with swim stops!

    7 km: Windsor Forks can also be reached via Falmouth Back Road or Windsor Back Road.

    The first hill is just a warm up, the road comes back down to the Avon River before the real climb.

    20 km: Vaughn. There is a small store at the corner of the New Ross Rd. There is a picnic area and beach less than a Km down the road . This road makes a nice hilly loop through New Ross , Dalhousie Rd and Lake George. It is almost a century loop ( 160km) back to Windsor. This was briefly described in the Valley Section.

    There are some more hills before Card Lake.

    35 km: Card Lake picnic ground and beach. More hills continue. We soon get a view of the sea but it is not all downhill . Just after crossing Rt 103 there is a steep drumlin before the final descent to Rt 3 just outside of Chester.

    55 km: Chester, see South Shore Nova Scotia Touring Index

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    Wolfville Ridge , Nova Scotia, Canada