Bicycle Touring Routes in Nova Scotia

These routes were originally described in news-group rec.bicycles.rides in early 1994. Some things are probably out of date.
Submitted by David Dermott

Chapters and approximate kilobyte size:.

External LINKS:

The new NS "Book of Maps" alias "Nova Scotia Atlas" is available in just about every bookstore in the province. The Atlas is also available on CD-ROM, although most bookstores don't carry the CD. The CD can be ordered direct from the NOVA SCOTIA MAP STORE (=> Product Categories => Atlas NS)

Annapolis County Outdoor Recreation Map

Annapolis County Recreation Services now publishes a FREE topographic map (scale 1:100000) of the whole county with names on just about all of the roads, suggested bicycle day tours, canoe routes etc. It should be available in most tourist bureaus in Annapolis County.

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