Maps and GPX files

In additions to route maps, I have included GPX files of the routes. These can be input to many map drawing programs. They can also be transferred to many GPS units and the track can be followed on the road.

The usual way to download the GPX file is to "right-click" on the link to the file, then sellect from the menu "Save Link as" example: Annapolis Valley West GPX file

GPS Visualizer

One of the most useful sets of map producing tools is the set at GPS Visualizer

The tool for creating a map showing the track from GPX files is Map Input. There are numerous options including choice of background maps.

GPS Visualizer Atlas

To make it easier, I have included direct links to the maps via the GPS Visualizer Atlas. Just click on a link such as: Annapolis Valley West at GPSvisualizer Atlas

There are fewer options than the full GPSV set. On the left is a "zoom" (map scale) control. On the top right is a menu for choosing the backgrounsd maps: the most useful are the GoogleMaps, OpenStreetMaps, OpenCycleMaps, and Toporama.

If there are multiple tracks on the same map, a list of them appears to the right. Clicking on a title makes the track disappear and appear.

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